Bullet DAF 46 Super Luxe

Renewal of house extension with new car port for DAF 46

DAF 46 Super Luxe thumbnail image

Bullet British Landlord

Luxury villas at the Berlaer site in Helmond

British Landlord thumbnail image

Bullet Burgstede

A new catholic community centre for Heteren

Burgstede thumbnail image

Bullet XXL

A new factory for Kingspan insulation panels at Medel near Tiel

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Bullet Black Box

A new business building for 2 entrepreneurs in Kesteren

Black Box thumbnail image

Bullet Monk Bond

8 Apartments for senior citizens in Heteren

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Bullet I never promised you a rosegarden

11 Apartments for senior citizens at the Rozenpad in Heteren

I never promised you a rosegarden thumbnail image

Bullet Welcome to Andenne

Entry Europan 9 Martijn Koch and Wendy van Rosmalen

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Bullet BBQ XL

Veranda extension to house in Beek en Donk

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Bullet Pixel Perfect

I was asked to redesign a bathroom. The available space was minimal. The hallway cabinet was added to create room for an extra toilet. With a small assignment like this, the challenge is to make perfect details. Only above the existing door and window, the tiler had to cut 14 tiles. All other tiling is done with uncut tiles. I used 3 shades of grey matte tiles. 4 cm thick African Coralwood is used to finish the modest design and to add some colour.

Bullet Blue Envelope

Office building for the Dutch Tax Administration

Blue Envelope thumbnail image