Bullet DAF 46 Super Luxe

Renewal of house extension with new car port for DAF 46

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Bullet British Landlord

Luxury villas at the Berlaer site in Helmond

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Bullet Burgstede

A new catholic community centre for Heteren

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Bullet XXL

A new factory for Kingspan insulation panels at Medel near Tiel

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Bullet Black Box

A new business building for 2 entrepreneurs in Kesteren

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Bullet Monk Bond

8 Apartments for senior citizens in Heteren

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Bullet I never promised you a rosegarden

11 Apartments for senior citizens at the Rozenpad in Heteren

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Bullet Welcome to Andenne

Andenne is a small town on the bank of the Meuse between Namur and Liège. When entering Andenne the city does not impress. The abandoned factory area on the north bank of the Meuse makes a chaotic impression and the river is ignored. In collaboration with Wendy van Rosmalen I designed a new plan for this Europan 9 location.

With out plan we want to give Andenne a face. Between famous cities like Namur, Huy and Liège, Andenne is missing an inherent identity. We chose to multiply the nonchalant character of Belgian building and turn it into a specific typology. Our plan is a framework for development of the area in its own pace. A subtle guidance in building alignment and building heights delivers a varied public space that opens up towards the river Meuse.

A specific part of the assignment was the redesign of Andenne station. Bad attainableness of the platforms, a weird logistic and the uncomfortable public space underneath the viaduct are creating a moody atmosphere. The size of Andenne does not allow a large scale intervention. We choose a very modest solution. We created a square below the tracks to connect al transportation streams. The viaduct is decorated to resemble a living room and is transformed into a roof covering the bus platforms. New buildings surrounding the square size the public space.

Every Belgian wants its own house. Ignoring this feat makes a plan implausible. We go one step further through making the buying of a house resemble the buying of a car. By using a smart basic layout for the houses, every house can suit the needs of very different groups of people. Future change is very easy too. The architecture is a caricature of traditional Belgian building methods, its execution is contemporary and flexible.

Bullet BBQ XL

Veranda extension to house in Beek en Donk

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Bullet Blue Envelope

Office building for the Dutch Tax Administration

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