Bullet 80's T's

T-shirts for YouTube channel 2kB of Fun

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Bullet Pixel Art

Pixel art illustration for the book 2kB of Fun

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Bullet Retro Space 4.0

Fourth incarnation of the Retro Space arcade cabinet in aluminium

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Bullet DIY Arcade Cabinet

Een plat pakket doe-het-zelf versie van Retro Space

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Bullet Future Space

26 arcade cabinets for Dutch Game Garden

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Bullet M+ M- ???

Redesign of the classic office desk calculator within 1 hour

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Bullet Pac Man LACK Hack

Hacking Ikea table with Sega Megadrive or Pac Man inside

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Bullet Retro Space

In 1971 the first coin-op video gaming system was built: Computer Space.

Soon the video arcade as hangout was born. Many famous games as Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Streetfighter and Donkey Kong were filled with our quarters. Today the last arcades are closing down. The Wii, the Playstation and owner "mr. Counchpotato" have won. As an homage to this era and to keep all the classics playable Retro Space was created.

Retro Space is a modern arcade machine for at home or at work. It plays both all the arcade classics from Space Invaders up and all the console titles for your Nintendo, Sega or Atari. The system is made using modern technology and is flexible for future innovations. The system also is a perfect multimedia jukebox. Next to your favourite games, you can load Retro Space with your favourite music and movies. A full HD screen and a high quality speaker system ensure you to enjoy the best image and sound. And quarters are no longer needed.

Thanks to model Lara Verlaat for the imitation of the original Computer Space poster.

Bullet Fake Wanders

Mixture of the Big Shadow and the Fake Lamp

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