Bullet 80's T's

T-shirts for YouTube channel 2kB of Fun

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Bullet Pixel Art

Pixel art illustration for the book 2kB of Fun

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Bullet Retro Space 4.0

Fourth incarnation of the Retro Space arcade cabinet in aluminium

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Bullet DIY Arcade Cabinet

Een plat pakket doe-het-zelf versie van Retro Space

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Bullet Future Space

Dutch Game Garden is a non profit organisation for promoting and supporting the Dutch games industry.

On april 23th DGG opened the Indigo Showcase event. This event shows a selection of the best contemporary projects of the Dutch games industry to the press, professionals and the general public.

Dutch Game Garden asked me to build 26 Retro Space cabinets to showcase these games. The cabinets have a second screen in the rear access door. This display allows the creators to discuss their projects while someone is playing the game at the front.

The cabinets were set up in a rigid grid. This grid neutralised the amorphous dated office floor and gave structure to the showcase event.

Photo 4,8 and 10 courtesy of Mick Visser

Bullet M+ M- ???

Redesign of the classic office desk calculator within 1 hour

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Bullet Pac Man LACK Hack

Hacking Ikea table with Sega Megadrive or Pac Man inside

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Bullet Retro Space

Modern arcade cabinet for home use

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Bullet Fake Wanders

Mixture of the Big Shadow and the Fake Lamp

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