Bullet 80's T's

T-shirts for YouTube channel 2kB of Fun

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Bullet Pixel Art

Pixel art illustration for the book 2kB of Fun

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Bullet Retro Space 4.0

Fourth incarnation of the Retro Space arcade cabinet in aluminium

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Bullet DIY Arcade Cabinet

Een plat pakket doe-het-zelf versie van Retro Space

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Bullet Future Space

26 arcade cabinets for Dutch Game Garden

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Bullet M+ M- ???

Redesignme.com is a website where designers are challenged to create new designs for certain products.

Garton Jones used redesignme.com to search for a redesign of the Ativa 10 Digit Desk Calculator.

I'm always puzzled by the fact most calculators still function like the early 1970 designs. A time when chip logic was very expensive, and the amount of components was kept to a minimum. Today's standard micro controller is way more powerful. So my primary goal was to create a new set of basic functionality.

Which means I had to redesign the layout of the buttons first. The design itself continues proved ingredients like injection mould plastic, the perfect shape of PTT's Zurich telephone and modern white OLED matrix displays.

My own challenge was to make the design in one hour on a Friday afternoon.

The result: a top 3 note among 109 redesigns. "Your redesign was part of my top 3. Very well done! Yours sincerely, Charlie Garton-Jones"

Bullet Pac Man LACK Hack

Hacking Ikea table with Sega Megadrive or Pac Man inside

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Bullet Retro Space

Modern arcade cabinet for home use

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Bullet Fake Wanders

Mixture of the Big Shadow and the Fake Lamp

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