Bullet STRP Festival 2011

Photo report of the STRP Festival 2011 by Mick Visser

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Bullet Creative Factory

Interior photographs of creative companies in a former Philips factory

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Bullet STRP Festival 2010

Photo report of the STRP Festival 2010 by Mick Visser

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Bullet Want some Beers?

Photos of 2 projects by Johan van den Berkmortel

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Bullet Ghost World

Photographs of Detroit

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Bullet Unknown Modernism

Anonymous modernist housing near Faro

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Bullet Cinderella

Concept for a modern picture story based on Cinderella

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Bullet Miniature City

Brandevoort is one of the big suburban extensions according to the governmental document Vinex. Under supervision of Rob Krier, the city of Helmond tried to mimic the classic Dutch canal city for its big extension. Modern legislation on parking and the fact that a family in a suburban plan like this needs 2 cars to reach all daily facilities, resulted in weird interiors for the urban blocks. The gardens are petite, and most space is used for the cars.

Bullet Ants Nest

Tower blocks in Hong Kong

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