Bullet STRP Festival 2011

Photo report of the STRP Festival 2011 by Mick Visser

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Bullet Creative Factory

The Clock Building is a magnificent icon for Eindhoven. It is built as factory by Philips Electronics in 1928/1929. After having been used for years as office space by Philips, the building now transforms back to its original function: a factory.

This time no series production. Trudo turned the building into a creative factory. Architects, designers, musicians, photographers, creative consultants: a colourful aggregation of creative talent took over this icon of the city Eindhoven.

The building has been split into units of various proportions. They all share one common feature though. Huge window openings with delicate metal frames. The light that enters the building gives unity to the diversity of interiors.

I photographed numerous interiors of the Clock Building to give insight in the new use of the building. The transformation of the Clock Building is a starting point in the transformation of the city district Strijp-S, a new centre for the city of Eindhoven.

The pictured companies are from left to right: Architectuurcentrum Eindhoven, Little Mountain, Keukenconfessies (2x), Desque, FuturOn.net, De Boekenmakers, studio-OOK, Scherpontwerp, Lady Penelope, Dikgedrukt en PopEI

Bullet STRP Festival 2010

Photo report of the STRP Festival 2010 by Mick Visser

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Bullet Want some Beers?

Photos of 2 projects by Johan van den Berkmortel

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Bullet Ghost World

Photographs of Detroit

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Bullet Unknown Modernism

Anonymous modernist housing near Faro

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Bullet Cinderella

Concept for a modern picture story based on Cinderella

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Bullet Miniature City

Portrait of the Brandevoort city extension of Helmond

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Bullet Ants Nest

Tower blocks in Hong Kong

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