Bullet STRP Festival 2011

Mick Visser made a photo report of the STRP Festival 2011 in Eindhoven. I participate in the photography process as image editor. Our colaboration results in the best posible quality for the images.

From left to right:
Bert Schutter - Mill X Molen - 1982
Edwin van der Heide - DSLE2 - 2011
Telcosystems - 12_series - 2010
Kutmah - 26 November 2011
Edwin van der Heide - Evolving Spark Network - 2010/2011
Macular - Phase=Order - 2010
Bram Snijders, Carolien Teunisse - RE: - 2010
Marnix de Nijs, Edwin van der Heide - Spatial Sounds - 2000/2001
Nicky Assmann - Solace - 2011
Geert Mul - Transfer Points - 2002
Erik Hobijn - The Delusion of Self Immolation - 1990

Bullet Creative Factory

Interior photographs of creative companies in a former Philips factory

Creative Factory thumbnail image

Bullet STRP Festival 2010

Photo report of the STRP Festival 2010 by Mick Visser

STRP Festival 2010 thumbnail image

Bullet Want some Beers?

Photos of 2 projects by Johan van den Berkmortel

Want some Beers? thumbnail image

Bullet Ghost World

Photographs of Detroit

Ghost World thumbnail image

Bullet Unknown Modernism

Anonymous modernist housing near Faro

Unknown Modernism thumbnail image

Bullet Cinderella

Concept for a modern picture story based on Cinderella

Cinderella thumbnail image

Bullet Miniature City

Portrait of the Brandevoort city extension of Helmond

Miniature City thumbnail image

Bullet Ants Nest

Tower blocks in Hong Kong

Ants Nest thumbnail image