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2kB of Fun at the Retro Game Experience in the national media archive

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Our office is located in an old Philips factory. The building is designed to built radio's in it. Because of the smart construction, the building is in use close to 100 years now in a variation of functions. This setting inspires to put sustainability at the core of our business.

The office:
In the office we make use of small energy efficient computers. There is no printer: the workflow is paperless. We don't use air-conditioning.

To distinguish our business we try to make every design solution function as energy saver and/or to reduce maintenance costs. We deliver you energy saving advice for your house that makes it more spacious and better looking. We transform your house architecturally while it comes with energy saving and lower maintenance.

What installations do I need? Why is it better to leave my old electricity meter instead of getting a newer smart one? How to deal with bad energy contracts? How to deal with municipalities with strange hobbies like "all electric". We guide you through this labyrinth.

Urban planning:
We love to assist you with your urban renewal plans. We try to put the long term vision at the basis for the urban design. How will my building function in 50 years? Or is it wise to choose a temporary solution? You certainly want to make profit on your development, so you want to sell that last house or apartment. You don't want any misfits in your plan, or you won't sell them.

And how do I make my urban development energy neutral? Am I gonna deal with it as developer, or should the design invite the users and buyers to go energy neutral themselves? We look at daylight use, spaces on the building for energy production, and how to use green for our interior climate demands.

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Extension to living room and entrance renewal in Heemskerk

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The website martijnkoch.com now comes in a third language.

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Opening new office Dutch Game Garden in Utrecht

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Building 33 arcade cabinets

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