Bullet Ping Pong Gates

An user friendly transit gate for the blind

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Bullet 2P Cinema

Watch two movies yet keep cuddling.

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Bullet The Manual Printer

Not 10 books, but only the one in your language

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Bullet Multi Phone

One telephone for all networks

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Bullet Made 4 Men

A logo for products for real men

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Bullet Boxed engine

Patent number: 200801

Imagine you have a beautiful car. But the car is an old smoking, stinking, guzzling 6 cylinder or rattling diesel. Ditching it is good for the environment, but buying a new one is costing a lot of energy and raw material as well. What a waste as just the engine is the bad thing here!

That is why we introduced the engine in a box. This light weight 4 cylinder turbo engine turns the baddest and dirtiest classic into a modern A-labelled car. The engine is small and comes with an universal mounting kit. If this new engine needs maintenance, you just leave it at the garage, as the mechanic tosses in a temporary replacement unit. In the near future, electric and hydrogen engines are available as replacement as well. So you no longer need to drive that generic ugly modern car. Just continue to enjoy that vintage one with character in an environmental way.

To remain the classic feeling of your old engine, the set includes a set of speakers for that vintage motor sound. This way it keeps grooming as a phat six cylinder.

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Bullet Couple bed cover

Everyone his/her own temperature

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Bullet North Korea Camera

A camera for save photographing at the front line

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