Bullet Ping Pong Gates

An user friendly transit gate for the blind

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Bullet 2P Cinema

Patent number: 200901

Hollywood's latest hit is 3D movies. With a pair of magic glasses alternately your left and right eye are covered. A projector playing 48 frames a second shows 24 images for your left eye and 24 images for your right eye. Dinosaurs literally sit down on your lap. What to do with this 3D theatre if there is no 3D movie to play?

You just play a 2P movie. No third dimension, but watching both favourite movies as a couple. Now you can cuddle and empty a bucket of popcorn together. He will see Die Hard 5, she will see "Bridget Jones Diary, the ripped out pages". No frustration on deciding what to see, just optimum enjoyment for both. The 3D glasses will ensure you see the right movie. Do not forget to take head phones for the sound.

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Bullet The Manual Printer

Not 10 books, but only the one in your language

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Bullet Multi Phone

One telephone for all networks

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Bullet Made 4 Men

A logo for products for real men

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Bullet Boxed engine

An universal environmental friendly engine for vintage cars

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Bullet Couple bed cover

Everyone his/her own temperature

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Bullet North Korea Camera

A camera for save photographing at the front line

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